2020/2021 Events

January 2020

ACB Mental Health Month

In January there will be a social media conversation, 4 check-ins with mental health experts, and a panel discussion. This will lead to:

  • de-stigmatization of talking about mental health,
  • support with mental health for everyone (because everyone has mental health),
  • more space in the community for mental health, and thereby a stronger, healthier and more resilient community.


February 2020

Black History Month Event

ACMP is doing it big again this year through an interactive online experience. We want people to dance, sing and contribute to thought-provoking panel discussions in the comfort of their homes.


March 2020

Women’s Empowerment Month

Panel Discussion: The Lived Experiences of Black Women in Canadian Society

The ACMP hosted a panel discussion with ACB women to set the tone about how ACB women should critically think about beauty and loving self.


April 2020

Barbershop Talk Series

Respecting the Black Men Who Came Before Us

On Sunday April 25th, ACMP and its partner organizations held a new Barbershop Talk event that emphasized the importance of connecting with the elders of the Black community and learning from the experiences they share with us.


May 2020

Black Motherhood in Canada

Panel discussion: A Celebration of Black Motherhood

In May, ACMP is organizing a special event to honor or Black mothers. During this event, there will be a special focus from Black mothers who are willing to be vulnerable to address the challenges and triumphs they face.


More to come!

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