Black Love Panelists

Chief Kenneth & Lolo Caroline Duru

I met my wife over 22 years ago and been married for 20 of those amazing years. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters and a son.
– Amarachi Duru 18 years
– Ogechi 16 years
– Chinwe 12 years
– Chimobim 3 years

Gary & Julie

Gary and Julie found each other when they were in the foundational stage of building their professional lives. Their black excellence mindset led them to meet their goals early in life together. Yet, they continuously set goals and meet right away. Once goals are completed, they’re quick to share their professional and personal experiences for others to reach their excellence. This is why Leading and Love was developed.

Through Leading and Love they teach leaders how to build a strong marriage while developing their leadership acumen through professionally designed online courses. They provide marriage support through a team of marriage and relationship therapist and experts.

When they’re not doing this, they’re all about weekend getaways, a good laugh and dancing with each other in front of their four kids.

Mr & Mrs Femi Sule

We have known each other for 21 years and been happily married since 2008
We are blessed with three sons.

Kiarah & Tristan

Kiarah and Tristan are a young professional couple in their late twenties. Both alumni of the University of Ottawa, though they did not meet there. Thank you for the online dating!

They have been together for 2 years and have recently gotten engaged in October of 2020.

They are both excited to gain insight from more established couples on the keys to long-lasting, healthy relationships.

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