How to Network 101

Wednesday, 25 November17:00 – 18:30

Virtual workshop aims to provide the youth with essential networking resources, in preparation for our annual MORE THAN NETWORKING event.

Do you ever wonder how you will get your first job, how to build a resume properly, how to meet the right people to find the job you desire? We are here to guide you once again! Everything you need to know about creating a resume, applying for a job, networking yourself and building connections will be provided to you through this month’s Afro-Caribbean Mentorship Program event.

Join us in our virtual event to have a substantial experience to help your future. This workshop aims to provide the youth with essential networking resources, such as building the ideal LinkedIn profile and creating a compelling and creative resume. Additionally, this workshop will prepare youth for the ACMP’s upcoming More Than Networking event.

Guest Speaker
Stacey Ann Morris – Career services at Carleton University


  1. How to create a resume?
  2. How to apply for jobs?
  3. How to network yourselves?
  4. How to build experience?
  5. Q&A


  1. We will help students build social confidence in themselves.
  2. Some students may not have guidance when looking for a job. This event will help them find what they are looking for.
  3. They will receive significant amounts of help and support from two hard-working, experienced individuals; a student and a post-undergraduate student.

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