Our Team

photo by Jordan Haworth

Warren Clarke | Founder

Warren Clarke, the founder of ACMP, is currently a doctoral student in Sociology with a specialization in Political Economy at Carleton University. Warren has twelve years of project/operations management experience and has an extensive track record of mentoring youth (ages 15 – 29). He has developed youth programs and facilitated workshops in the areas of gender identity, race, and sexual health. Warren strives to integrate youth in pro-social programs that will support their social development. Warren is well suited to lead the direction of this culturally sensitive mentorship program.

His broad research interests are tied to Youth Cultures; Social Citizenship; Neoliberalism/Gentrification; Race and Ethnicity; Anti-Colonialism; and Masculinity. Warren’s dissertation, supervised by Dr. Jacqueline Kennelly, will be focusing on how first and second generation young Canadian African and Caribbean Black (ACB) men experience youth employment training programs in Ontario and Quebec. Warren has dedicated much of his academic and professional career to helping Black youth overcome social barriers in the likes of schools, and in the Ontario judicial system, which inspires his work and research.

photo by Victoria Gravesande

Humphrey Nartey | Director of Operations

Humphrey Nartey is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Ottawa in the School of Human Kinetics. His area of expertise focuses on the psychosocial sciences of sport, physical activity and health, particularly the sociology of sport. This field involves studying sport, physical activity, and health from psychological, pedagogical, administrative, and/or socio-cultural perspectives. Being a former student-athlete, Humphrey is very keen on understanding the experiences of student-athletes transitioning out of university sport, particularly racialized student-athletes. His curious nature offset by his desire to engage with people on a sincere level led him to work with and mentor minority youth, whom he strives to integrate in pro-social programs that will support their social development. An avid sports fan, Humphrey thoroughly enjoys playing and watching all sports, and cheering on the Tennessee Titans!

photo by Victoria Gravesande

Sonia Bizimana | Event Coordinator

Sonia Bizimana, the event coordinator of ACMP, is currently an undergraduate student in Criminology and Women Studies at the University of Ottawa. She graduated with honours at La Cité Collégiale, with a Technical Social Work Diploma. Sonia is fluent in French, English, Kinyarwanda, Hausa, and Zarma. She is self-motivated and has active time management and organization skills.

Through Sonia’s work experience, she had the opportunity to undertake an internship at the Réseau Santé en Français au Nunavut (RÉSEFAN) in Iqaluit, Nunavut to acquire new skills. Along with RÉSEFAN, she researched the availability of francophone mental health resources in Nunavut and also created a program for Francophone children (4 – 10-years-old) at the school Les Trois Soleils in Iqaluit. 

Sonia has practical working experience with newcomer families in connecting them with different social services, such as health care and employment training.

photo by Victoria Gravesande

Jipreet Kaur | High-School Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator

Jipreet Kaur, also known as Jiji, is currently an undergraduate student at Carleton University as a Psychology major with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology and a minor in Law. Jipreet has five years of experience working with marginalized, at-risk youth and community members. She has worked as a youth counsellor, a tutor for disadvantaged youth, and has helped conduct workshops that address behavioural problems in adolescents. Currently, she is facilitating workshops for high-school students in the Ottawa region that address issues of race and mental health.

She is of Indian ethnicity, born in Warsaw, Poland and spent the first half of her life travelling throughout Europe, Asia and North America. She has gained an abundance of knowledge and experience that has opened her eyes to the shortcomings in today’s society. Her research interests are tied to how the law views race and ethnicity, socio-economic status, and gender in regards to how they impact marginalized youth and their mental health. In the future, she hopes to conduct research and develop programs that address these concerns and foster change and growth.

photo by Victoria Gravesande

Stefan Spence-Clarke | Community Engagement

Stefan Spence-Clarke is currently in the third year of his undergraduate studies, pursuing a Bachelor’s Honours degree in Psychology. Stefan aspires to become a clinical psychologist and counsellor working predominantly with young adults (ages 16-30). In doing so, he recognizes his academic goals will include master’s in education, specializing in counselling, a master’s in Clinical Psychology, and obtaining a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. 

Stefan has worked on several projects in the past that include workshops for marginalized and racialized youth. Over the years he has developed a small network of mentees whom he advises regularly in decisions related to school, sports, and general life situations. Currently, Stefan is working closely with ACMP founder, Warren Clarke, to initiate youth-centered programs which will support the development of marginalized and racialized youth in the Ottawa area. 

Stefan has dedicated much of his time and effort to helping those within his community with the pursuit of pro-social programs in education, mental health, and decision-making skills. Stefan is a retired football player, bringing a “team-first” mentality to ACMP alongside his own personal drive to do what he loves, which is building strong and sustainable communities for marginalized and racialized individuals. 

photo by Victoria Gravesande

Nicolette Vardon | Event Logistics and Social Media

Nicolette Vardon is currently pursuing a BA honours at Carleton University. Nicolette is in her third year of a Political Science program, with a concentration in International Relations and a minor in History. She hopes to pursue a dual JD/MA program in the future. Her focus is centred around her passion for minority and immigrant advocacy. Through ACMP and her academic endeavours, Nicolette hopes to support minority communities, especially those of African, Caribbean and Black descent. Raised in East Toronto by Caribbean and South Asian parents, her interest in minority advocacy is rooted in her upbringing. 

In her spare time, Nicolette enjoys surreal painting, reading fiction mystery novels, and cooking. As a part of large family and the youngest of three siblings, she hopes to make a positive impact in the lives of migrant and minority families, while also advocating for the importance of family involvement in the academic careers of youth.