How do Black people cope with the new “Normal?”

On January 24th, 2022, the Afro-Caribbean Mentorship Program (ACMP), partnered with the Royal Bank of Canada, invited all community members to an ONLINE showcasing of the film “Home,” directed by Jono Oliver. The film is a story of an African American man dealing with mental health concerns that limit his ability to assert himself in mainstream society. “Home” showcases the main character’s plight to transition from living in a group home to suitable and independent living. Although the movie is not directly tied to the COVID pandemic, we showcased this film to encourage critical thinking and meaningful conversations about mental health concerns in the Black community.

This event generated a lot of interest, specifically for people to learn more about how their mental health can be influenced by their social interactions. Like many of our events in January, it reiterated the need to provide safe spaces for open discussion about mental health issues the ACB community experiences.