On December 9th 2022, the Afro-Caribbean Mentorship Program (ACMP) hosted its 5th annual More than Networking event online. Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) and racialized students face more obstacles compared to their white counterparts, including access to opportunity. Such opportunities can include the ability to build personal and professional networks. This event focused on giving ACB and racialized students the tools and experience necessary to be able to network meaningfully and efficiently with members of the broader community. This is essential for students, especially those who are finishing their degrees and preparing to enter the professional working world. Having access to a broad network of professionals who work within your field of interest provides more access to job opportunities for students. 

The event started with brief introductions of ACMP and the agenda for the evening. Shortly after, 3 guest speakers addressed attendees and discussed their own networking experience in addition to sharing knowledge to empower students when building their own networks. Once the guest speakers concluded, attendees were introduced to more than 25 professionals from 10 different fields of work. Participants could then choose to enter breakout rooms that were categorized by these 10 different fields. Once inside a breakout room, participants were given direct access to interact with the professionals within the respective fields. These breakout sessions gave students the chance to ask any questions or gain valuable experience from their interactions with those that have achieved success within their field of interest.