Report Women's Empowerment

Report: Black Motherhood in Canada Panel

On Friday, May 28th 2021, the ACMP hosted a panel discussion focused on Black Motherhood in Canada, specifically within the context of the Canadian Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) community.

This event was centred around celebrating the immeasurable contributions that mothers make; their roles as teachers, mentors and advocates all play an important part in supporting the development of our youth, enriching the communities in which they live.

The event consisted of a panel discussion featuring 4 prominent mother figures in the ACB community. Although the discussion was centered around motherhood, it also covered a wide variety of topics ranging from challenges they faced during motherhood to providing advice for new mothers.

The audience actively participated, and showed interest in participating in future ACMP events. The event concluded after the discussion ended, and participants thanked the panelists for their wonderful contributions.