Barbershop Talk Series Black Youth Empowerment Report

Report: Barbershop Talk Series Respecting our Black Men: Those who came before us

On Sunday April 25th, ACMP and its partner organizations held a new Barbershop Talk Series event that emphasized the importance of connecting with the elders of the Black community and learning from the experiences they share with us.

This event was hosted by Dr. Warren Clarke (PhD – Carleton University) and was centered around a panel discussion led by respected elders of the Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) community.

The questions proposed/discussed focused on the obstacles that the ACB community faces in addition to providing advice to the younger generation regarding how to navigate such challenges. The audience engaged with the panel regularly, and actively participated in group discussions. This was one of ACMP’s most well-attended online Barbershop Talk events, with over 130 participants.