Michael Brooks came to Canada as a humble youth from Kingston, Jamaica. Never afraid of adversity, always forward-thinking and ready to take on a challenge. His ambition created a vision for his community from a young age. Noticing what was lacking, specifically within the Black community in Ottawa, Michael focused foremost on creating opportunities for the youth. His vision of what he hoped for in the community could be seen through his organization of basketball tournaments, fashion shows, after-school programs, outreach programs for the youth, concerts and entertainment for the broader community.

Michael has spent a lot of his time volunteering with various organizations within Ottawa and surrounding areas, specializing in entertainment and music. As a producer, working with various artists and being an artist himself, his work lead him to the other side of the music and entertainment industry where he created B&B Promotions. Michael was one of the organizers for the first Reggae Fest in Ottawa and played a big part in Jamaica Day, Kompa Fest, African Festival, Urban Festival and Soul City Music Festival just to mention a few.

His career enables him to be a mentor to many individuals in the construction industry. He encourages others to develop their skills in the trades, in turn providing them with job opportunities. As well as a full-time career in the construction industry, Michael continues to focus on his vision for youth in Ottawa as the President of his not-for-profit organization, Rhythm Movements Community Association. Here he focuses on providing a platform for youth to express themselves creatively and artistically while promoting the importance of building positive and productive relationships within the community. As President of Rhythm Movements Community Association, Michael also volunteers his time with like-minded organizations like Flo’s Seniors to encourage intergenerational activities.

Michael will be one of our panellists at the next Barbershop Talk Series.

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