Report: Mental Health Month Panel Discussion

On Friday, January 29th 2021, the ACMP hosted its final Mental Health Month event: a Panel Discussion focused on identifying ways in which the Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) community can work together to address mental health issues. The panel featured the four mental health experts (Kofi Morris, Tracy Charles, Meghan Wills and E.L. Adams II) from January’s previous events and was co-hosted by Nagad Hersi: an ACB community outreach specialist and mental health outreach worker at the Somerset West Community Health Centre.

The expert discussed a wide variety of mental health challenges that the ACB community faces, including the lack of representation for ACB mental health professionals, the generational gap that ACB people experience as well as the lack of mental health resources for youth in the community. They also welcomed input from the audience and were determined to open the discussion on mental health. The experts recognized the importance of providing a safe space to have these discussions where the community can bring forward issues that affect them and seek resolution in order to move forward.

Once the discussion concluded, the experts provided their contact information for anyone seeking more information following the session. Participants thanked the panel for their contributions and an additional list of mental health resources was provided.