Report: Check in – Substance (ab)use and Addiction

On Wednesday, January 27th 2020, the ACMP hosted its fifth Mental Health Check-In focused on discussing substance abuse in the Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) community. This event focused on educating and discussing the nature of substance abuse. The keynote address and discussion were led by Kofi Morris, a holistic health and wellness coach.

Kofi discussed what substance abuse is and the circumstances that contribute to substance abuse within the ACB community. In addition to providing information, Kofi also facilitated breakout rooms to allow participants to discuss methods to identify substance abuse as well as examining the role of harm reduction in managing substance abuse. He also provided participants with an opportunity to ask questions and interact with her to discuss various topics related to substance abuse. Once the discussion concluded, participants thanked Kofi for his contributions and a list of mental health resources was provided to those who wished to seek more information.