Report: Check in – Trauma

On Wednesday, January 13th 2020, the ACMP hosted its second Mental Health Check-In focused on discussing Trauma in the Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) community. This event discussed the differences between mental health and mental illness and the trauma that ACB community members can experience. The keynote address and discussion were led by Meghan Wills, a Mindfulness Coach and mental health specialist.

Meghan also discussed the subconscious trauma that members of the ACB community can experience and how internalizing racist experiences can have a profound effect on mental health. She discussed ways in which people could improve their self care and build resilience to support good mental health practices. She also provided participants with an opportunity to ask questions and interact with her to discuss various topics related to trauma and mental health in the ACB community. Once the discussion concluded, participants thanked Meghan for her contributions and a list of mental health resources was provided to those who wished to seek more information.