Mental Health Month Report

Report: Check in – Stigma and Barriers to Mental Health Support

On Wednesday, January 6th 2020, the ACMP hosted its first event of 2021, a Mental Health Check-In focused on discussing stigma surrounding mental health in the Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) community. This event was focused on identifying and discussing the effect of stigma in the ACB community, particularly its effect on mental health.

After a brief description of what ACMP is and what they do, the guest speaker was introduced: EL Adams II. He is a mental health professional and practicing psychologist who specializes in behavioral intervention, psychological assessment, interventions, group counseling, and counseling psychology. His keynote address discussed a wide variety of topics related to stigma and mental health in the ACB community. Such topics included defining stigma, understanding the progression from stigma to mental illness, accessing resources and identifying proactive approaches to improving personal mental health.

The keynote address also included 3 rounds of questions, where EL Adams II addressed the audience and gave them the opportunity to contribute. The resulting discussions were progressive and thoughtful with several attendees sharing their thoughts.

E.L. Adams II – 6 January 2021 – Stigma and Barriers to Mental Health Support