Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month Resources

As the ACB Mental Health Month gets started, the ACMP is releasing resources. Talking about mental health is necessary, as Black communities face a range of challenges, but have less access to resources than white communities. The conversation will consist of six FREE events, and your participation will ensure that your concerns receive attention, and that others can learn from you. Please join these events and become part of the ACMP community.

Go here for an overview of the 6 ACB Mental Health Month events.

The ACMP acknowledges that although necessary, talking about these topics can sometimes be hard. Participants may experiences feelings or thoughts that can be difficult or harmful. This is part of mental health.

The Mental Health Month does not replace therapy and during the events, you are asked to self-manage. There will be limited support present. If you want further support or resources to heal or cope, please use our list of resources.

The ACMP would also want to remind you that you have coped with your previous challenges, you are still here, and you and your community are strong and resilient!

For resources to cope or heal, please go here: