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Kofi Morris: Mental Health Month

Br.Kofi is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Energy Healer (Reiki), and the founder of Cosmic Wellness Holistic Health.

Kofi offers workshops in Qi Qong (‘Chee Kung’), Meditation, Self-Care, Nutrition Corporate Holistic Health and Wellbeing, Proactive fathering and community development for Non-Profit Organizations across Toronto.

Br.Kofi is dedicated to not only building his business but in volunteering his time in youth development, sharing his skills and experiences with community youth groups across the GTA.

Br.Kofi is also the founder of “Lions and Cubs”, a small non-profit organization for young men, which focuses on Leadership and Self-Empowerment.

In addition he is the current Executive Director of “Wisdom Green Earth”, a non-profit organization committed to using the arts and nature to positively impact the lives of community.

Kofi Morris is supporting the ACMP with the Mental Health Month. He will focus on substance (ab)use. He will also join our panel discussion at the end of the month. Join us for free to learn more!