Report: Financial Literacy

On the evening of Friday, November 20th, ACMP held its 3rd annual Financial literacy event. During university, Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) and other racialized students often face more challenges when compared to their white counterparts. Such challenges can manifest as limited access to opportunities, including access to financial tools and resources. This event was focused on giving ACB and racialized students the opportunity to learn how to manage their money from professionals that work in the field of finance.

 After some brief introductions from the ACMP team, the first guest speaker, Jabez Arkaifie (RBC), was introduced. Jay gave a short presentation that covered several topics including the best techniques to save your money to the basic principles of investing. The second speaker was Harpreet Gill, a financial advisor and small business owner. Although she echoed a lot of principles brought up by the first speaker, Gill confidently described the practical aspects of saving money and getting money to work for you. She was able to demonstrate these concepts by working through a series of exercises with the students to show them the amount of work it takes to achieve financial freedom. She focused on setting realistic goals and demonstrating sound financial decision making.

The event concluded after a brief question and answer period. Participants were able to interact directly with our invited financial specialists. In summary, the event was successful and had a positive impact on our community.