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Meghan Wills: Mental Health Month

Meghan is a certified L1 and L2 Unified Mindfulness, Mindfulness Coach in Ottawa, ON, Canada, with a background in human resources, hospitality and philanthropy actively supporting Children, Youth and anti-discrimination related initiatives in our communities.  Meghan recently acted as the Chair of Parents for Diversity until July 2020.  She has also been recognized as a lead meditation teacher and empowerment guide successfully awarded the Founders Fund – Ideation Fund in 2020.  She is passionate about inclusive wellness and mental health support because of her own continued experiences as a multi-racial Black Canadian Woman (she/her) with a Jamaican heritage.  Mindfulness is accessible to harness in our emancipation of mental slavery; it empowers self-awareness, self-mastery, and equanimity.

Where to find Meghan Wills:

Meghan Wills is supporting the ACMP with the Mental Health Month. She will focus on trauma. She will also join our panel discussion at the end of the month. Join us for free to learn more!