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Everett L. Adams II: Mental Health Month

Everett L. Adams II (E. L.) was born and raised in Charlotte, NC with his older sister, by Everett Sr. and Sandra Adams. After graduating from West Charlotte High School to attend Phillips Academy-Andover Preparatory School in Andover, MA, to pursue his love of basketball. E. L. not only had to adjust to living away from family, but faced his first encounter with academic difficulty, while also dealing with his parents’ divorce. While dealing with these life obstacles, E. L. had to develop the skills to cope with his circumstances and as a result, he had to develop strategies to allow for self-reflection and skills to become comfortable with disappointment.

After E. L. then went on to study at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia where he studied psychology and played on the 2 time national championship basketball team. After graduating university, E. L. returned to the United States and graduated from Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee with a master’s degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology. It was through his graduate school experience that E. L. gained the knowledge and experience to effectively support young individuals who were going through similar difficult circumstances as he did.

Everett L. Adams II is supporting the ACMP with the Mental Health Month. He will focus on stigma and access to mental health care, in the first week. He will also join our panel discussion at the end of the month. Join us for free to learn more!

Find E.L.’s website here.