Advocate Member

Jan van Heuzen

Jan van Heuzen is a Policy Analyst and Trainer, with an intersectional feminist lens. He has worked with youth in schools, shelters, detention centers and in sports teams (e.g. 67s) on issues like violence prevention, healthy relationships, communication, substance (ab)use, mental health and justice involvement.

He coordinated the Partner Assault Response Program in Waterloo, where adults arrested for domestic violence receive mandated counseling. Currently, he trains civil servants in bias awareness and GBA+. Finally, he is a Project Coordinator at the ACMP, developing resources that support ACB students reach success.

Jan has committed to sharing the ACMP events in his network!

I thrive in multidisciplinary positions, where research, coordination, education and/or frontline work come together. My area of expertise is Gender-Based Violence, using an intersectional lens. I see teamwork and diversity not only as ethical, but also as opportunities to learn and to improve the quality of my work.