Report: How to get into Grad school

On Thursday October 29th, ACMP hosted it’s second ‘How to get into grad school’ event. This event was focused on sharing tips and techniques that students could use when refining their applications before applying to post-graduate programs. Given the circumstances of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the event was hosted online to allow anyone to attend at their own convenience. This event also included a guest speaker, Dr. Ciann Wilson from Wilfred Laurier University, who shared her knowledge and experience as a member of the ACB community working in academia.

The Q&A was really nice because they were very helpful with the answers.

Participant feedback

After a brief presentation detailing the finer aspects of applying to grad school, this event was highlighted by an engaging question and answer period where audience members had the opportunity to engage directly with Dr. Wilson and the host: Peter Holder (PhD Candidate – Carleton University). The question and answer was so engaging that it extended all the way until the end of the reserved time slot for the event! Students were also provided with contact information and resources (via ACMP) to use at a later time if they were still curious about applying to grad school after the event’s conclusion.

I liked the honesty and how accommodating the presenters were, they listening keenly and were attentive to questions.

Participant feedback

With respect to attendance, we had 42 participants join the event out of 66 participants registered. Marketing strategies included promotion on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) in addition to distribution on personal platforms too (personal social media and/or email lists generated from previous events).

Our incentive was $100 towards a student application for graduate school. One attendee from Thursday’s event will be selected and contacted in order to inform them of ACMP’s support towards their application to graduate school.